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Welcome to Skincare and Moore Medical Spa, where our primary focus is to thoroughly understand the unique needs of our clients and curate personalized treatment plans to help them achieve their goals. We not only prioritize the treatment journey but also place a strong emphasis on education. Our mission is to empower clients with the knowledge to consistently elevate their understanding of skincare. At our medical spa, we are dedicated to providing a holistic approach that combines personalized treatments with ongoing education for optimal skincare results.

Welcome to Skincare and Moore – Your Premier Medical Spa for Natural Healthy Skin

Skincare and Moore medical spa

Embrace a skincare journey where your well-being is prioritized, and the focus is on enhancing your natural beauty. At Skincare and Moore, we are not just a spa; we are partners in your wellness, guiding you towards radiant, naturally healthy skin that reflects the unique beauty within you.

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At the Skincare and Moore medical spa, we go beyond the conventional approach to skincare, embodying a holistic philosophy that places your well-being at the center of our mission. Our commitment is not just to administer treatments but to understand your individual needs deeply. By tailoring personalized treatment plans, we aim to guide you on a journey toward achieving your wellness goals.

Our dedication extends beyond the treatment room, as we believe in empowering you with knowledge about natural skincare. Through ongoing education, we strive to enhance your understanding of skincare practices, encouraging you to make informed decisions about your skin health. We recognize that skincare is not just a series of treatments; it’s a lifestyle, and we are here to support you in adopting and maintaining healthy habits.

At Skincare and Moore, inclusivity is a cornerstone of our values. We firmly stand against any form of discrimination, embracing diversity in age, race, gender identity, religion, or disability. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and our inclusive approach ensures that our services cater to a broad spectrum of individuals.

In a world saturated with imposed beauty standards, we reject the notion that there is a one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. Instead, we encourage our clients to define their own unique standards of beauty. Our goal is to help you embrace your individuality and appreciate the beauty that is inherent to you.

As a leading medical spa, Skincare and Moore provides a nurturing environment where natural skincare takes precedence. We emphasize the importance of naturally healthy skin as the focal point of our treatments. Our dedicated team is with you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey at our medical spa is comprehensive, personalized, and ultimately successful.


At Skincare and Moore, we embrace the mantra “Be You, Be Beautiful,” embodying a commitment to our clients by providing exceptional care and treatments for an outstanding experience.

Meet Our Team

Anastajza Moore

Anastajza Moore

Owner, Licensed medical aesthetician

Anastajza Moore is a seasoned esthetician with a profound passion for helping others achieve healthy skin—a dedication rooted in a lifetime of personal struggles with her own skin issues. Battling sensitive, acne-prone skin that seemed impervious to conventional treatments, Anastajza’s journey was one of perseverance and hard work. Through her unwavering commitment, she discovered a solution that not only transformed her skin but also fueled her determination to become an expert in promoting healthy skin and lifestyle.

Specializing in mature and compromised skin, Anastajza brings a unique perspective to her practice, combining natural, holistic practices with advanced technology. Her background in chemical engineering enables her to strike a perfect balance between chemistry and the body’s natural processes for effective skincare. Certified in various treatments, including chemical peels, Mirconeedeling, Filler, Botox and skin analysis

Originally from Northern California, Anastajza made Colorado her home in 2020. Beyond her professional expertise, her passion for helping others stems from a personal understanding of the challenges associated with problematic skin. This commitment goes beyond her work in the office, extending into her active lifestyle of skiing down Colorado’s mountains and biking through the tri-state area. Anastajza’s journey from skin struggles to becoming an advocate for healthy skin is a testament to her resilience and dedication to making a positive impact on others’ skincare journeys.

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Doc. Denise Prizznick

Denise “Dr. D.” Prizznick


Dr. Prizznick, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, brings over three decades of comprehensive medical expertise to her practice. Nationally certified in Family Medicine, Oncology, and Medical Research, with proficiency in orthopedics. She has extensive training in aesthetic practices and holds advanced certifications in the field.

With a reputation for excellence, Dr. Prizznick is sought after as a National Speaker at conferences, where her sharp wit and extensive knowledge captivate audiences. In addition to her clinical roles, she plays a pivotal role in academia, instructing at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate levels of Nursing in university settings. Dr. Prizznick also mentors Doctorate students in research, contributing to the future of healthcare.

Driven by a love for the outdoors and a desire to be closer to her family, Dr. Prizznick relocated to Colorado. Outside of her professional commitments, she and her dog, Lucy, indulge in their passion for hiking and exploring the scenic surroundings. In her free time, she delves into research exploring how lifestyle choices can enhance the management of chronic illnesses.

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Vanessa Mullen


With 20 years in the beauty industry and a decade devoted to skincare, Colorado native Vanessa is a skilled esthetician and cosmetologist. Excelling in advanced techniques, she believes skincare should be accessible to all, guiding clients with a gentle demeanor. Vanessa caters to diverse clientele, from teens to those with mature skin, ensuring confidence and education in skincare choices. Known for her unwavering professionalism and friendly touch, she approaches skincare as both a passion and a calling. In her hands, skincare transforms into a journey of self-confidence and understanding, maintaining a fun and accessible approach. Beyond her profession, Vanessa enjoys family time and various activities, from cheering at swim meets to planning Halloween parties.

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Brianna Ibarra

Front desk / Client care cordinator

Meet Brianna, the Front Desk Manager and Client Care Coordinator from Lakewood. Trained at Stacy James Institute, she’s an expert in lash applications, bringing glamour and confidence to clients. Beyond aesthetics, Brianna is an adventurer, conquering mountain trails on weekends. Cherishing time with family, friends, and her Shih Tzu, Chico, she envisions inspiring self-love and healthy choices. With professionalism and creativity, Brianna is on a mission to make the world more beautiful, one lash and one genuine smile at a time.

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