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A Little About Botox

Botox is the household name for botulinum toxin, which is in a diluted state to make it safe for the use of cosmetic procedures and pain management. Botox works by blocking nerve signals from reaching certain muscles, which in turn relax, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can also relax Muscles that cause headaches and body aches.

Results That Last

Looking to freeze facial wrinkles in a matter of minutes? or smooth wrinkles? Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is the solution you have been looking for:

In Our Office...

We use the Botox brand Xeomin, which does not have the additional protein molecule that Botox has. The loss of this molecule means that it does not need to be refrigerated in storage, thus making it more comfortable for injection as it stays at room temperature. Without the added protein molecule, Xeomin takes effect faster and your body will not grow immune to it. Results with Xeomin typically last longer than Botox.

Xeomin is FDA-approved, with a wealth of scientific and medical evidence to support its safety and efficacy.

Safety Is Our Concern

At Skincare & Moore, we believe that your safety comes first, and our board-certified Doctors have taken advanced training courses to ensure the best results while keeping client safety as the number one priority.

Get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

At skincare and more we use extremely small needles for your comfort. Most people feel a "poke" and have no major discomfort.

Botox typically lasts 3-6 months but depends on the individual. Most clients come in every five months for touch ups and regular maintenance.

Everyone is different! The average about needed for each area is shown in the picture on the left.

$12 a unit.

Because our Botox of choice is Xeomin, you will not become immune to its effects, as it does not have the extra protein molecule that the Botox brand has.

Side effects are very rare when proper injection techniques are used. Some side effects may include pain at injection site, mild bruising and swelling, and asymmetrical results. As with any medical or cosmetic procedures, be sure to tell your provider of any allergies or medications you are taking.

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