Hyaluron Pen vs Filler

So, you want to get your lips done.

What are your options? Which service is best for you? Let’s figure it out together!

The best place for us to start is by explaining the lip filling services that we offer here at Skincare & Moore: traditional dermal fillers and the Hyaluron Pen. Let’s take a look at what both treatments entail and the differences between the two.

Traditional fillers consist of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally occurring in your skin that attracts and retains moisture. The traditional filler method utilizes needles to inject the formula into your lips to plump and shape, or into your skin to soften the appearance of wrinkles, folds, and creases. This process and the formula are both FDA approved with no chance of cross contamination, as our staff’s number one priority is your safety. The traditional fillers that we carry – Belotero Balance, Versa, and Juvederm – yield long lasting results, typically 6-8 months, and with regular maintenance, continue to retain their results. When compared to the Hyaluron Pen, traditional filler is more cost effective due to its longer lasting effects and lower monthly cost over that time period ($130 per month, compared to $200 for the Hyaluron Pen).

The Hyaluron Pen is a relatively new concept in the world of esthetics. This procedure utilizes a needle-less device that creates the necessary pressure to push the hyaluronic acid into your skin. You may be thinking that it’s the perfect alternative to a needle-based procedure, but unfortunately, the Hyaluron Pen is too good to be true. At Skincare & Moore, we understand the appeal of the Pen and highly prioritize educating our clients of all of the challenges it presents. The Hyaluron Pen, while effective, yields much shorter-lasting results when compared to traditional filler, meaning you get less bang for your buck overall. When you have your lips done with the Hyaluron Pen, you can typically expect your results to last 2.5-3 months before you’ll have to schedule another fill. Compared to monthly cost of traditional fillers, you can expect to spend about $200 per month, with more frequent visits to our office. Not that we mind – we love seeing you! Additionally, the Hyaluron Pen isn’t FDA approved, and if not executed properly, there is a chance for cross-contamination. There are also significant health risks associated with the Pen including inflammatory reactions, skin staining, and damage due to the pressure required to push the hyaluronic acid into your skin.

So why do we offer the Hyaluron Pen, if it comes with all this baggage? At Skincare & Moore, we want to make sure that if you do want to choose the Hyaluron Pen, you’re receiving the best, safest treatment possible, as our staff is committed to safety above all else. We genuinely recommend traditional lip filler, and if you have any questions or need guidance on your lip journey, we are more than happy to help!

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