As a practice created, owned, and operated by women, we understand the sensitivity surrounding certain aspects of women’s wellness. Whether your concerns are internal or external, functional or cosmetic, our team has worked diligently to create a wellness service menu to address them all. From vaginal rejuvenation to nonsurgical labiaplasty, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best.

Our caring and compassionate staff is dedicated to providing you with the safest, most comfortable treatments possible. We strive to create an environment that is relaxing, reassuring, and judgment-free, and it is truly a privilege to be trusted in your wellness journey. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please reach out via phone, text, or by email!

What is a labiaplasty?

The ultimate goal of a labiaplasty procedure is to reduce the size of the labia minora so that it is flush with the labia majora. The size and shape of your labia can be influenced by many factors including childbirth, aging, weight gain or loss, sexual activity, and genetics, and there are both surgical and non-surgical options to consider when deciding to have a labiaplasty.

What are the benefits of a nonsurgical labiaplasty?

Whether you are considering a labiaplasty for functional or cosmetic reasons, there are plenty of benefits to the procedure. Women with enlarged labia often experience difficulty with exercise, hygiene, chronic urinary tract infections, sexual activity, or wearing tight clothing. An increase in self-esteem and self-confidence ranks high among women who choose a labiaplasty, as altering the appearance of the labia reduces self-consciousness related to sexual activity.

How does nonsurgical labiaplasty work?

With our EmpowerRF device, we are able to use radiofrequency energy to gently heat the tissue of your labia, encouraging collagen and elastin production. Over the following months, the tissue will continue to tighten, reducing the size of your labia while smoothing the surface of your skin. In addition to reducing the size of your labia, nonsurgical labiaplasty can also improve vaginal dryness and reduce stress urinary incompetence if the tissue around your vagina and urethra is treated as well.

Am I a candidate for nonsurgical labiaplasty?

If the appearance of your labia causes you excess self-consciousness or interferes with your daily activities, your ability to exercise, wear tight clothes, or your sexual function, you are probably a great candidate for nonsurgical labiaplasty. If you experience mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence or involuntary urination when you laugh, cough, or sneeze, you might also benefit from nonsurgical labiaplasty. To determine if you are a candidate, schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable, professional staff.

Is there downtime for nonsurgical labiaplasty?

Because these treatments are nonsurgical, noninvasive, and considered outpatient procedures, there is no downtime following your treatment. You will be able to resume your daily activities following your treatment, though

What can I expect during my nonsurgical labiaplasty treatment?

Your treatment will be conducted in our clean, private, safe office by our caring and compassionate staff. At your initial consultation, we will address any and all concerns and be sure to put your mind at ease. Prior to your labiaplasty, your provider will walk you through the procedure and answer any questions that may arise.

At this point, your provider applies radiofrequency energy to your labia. Your treatment should take between 15 and 20 minutes from beginning to end. Upon completion, your provider will instruct you on any applicable aftercare.

How long do nonsurgical labiaplasty treatments last?

Over the months following your treatment, you will continue to see improvement. Typically, clients experience continued labial tightening for a period of 3 to 6 months, with optimal results occurring after 12 weeks.

Are there any side effects to nonsurgical labiaplasty?

Mild tenderness and swelling are the most common side effects of our labiaplasty treatments and may be treated with Tylenol or other similar over-the-counter pain medication.

How many nonsurgical labiaplasty treatments will I need?

Typically, clients require 1 to 3 sessions of labiaplasty treatments, each lasting approximately 15 minutes. The number of sessions you will need depends on your individual concerns, needs, and cosmetic goals.

How much does nonsurgical labiaplasty cost?

The cost of labiaplasty treatments varies by patient and depends on several factors including your wellness concerns, your unique goals, and your treatment plan. At your initial consultation, your provider will discuss your options and work with you to create a plan that will yield maximum results. They will also discuss costs and payment options and answer any additional questions you may have.

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