Where can you get Botox on your Face?

For years, Botox has been the go-to treatment to smooth fine lines on the face, improve the look of face wrinkles, and keep the signs of premature aging at bay. Regular Botox injections can help give the appearance of tighter, more youthful skin on your face and neck, improve facial muscle contraction, and correct the loss of facial volume. At Skincare and Moore, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. With over thirty years of combined professional experience, our dedicated team curates your individual treatment plan with the highest level of attention to detail, no matter the service. From a simple facial to natural-looking Botox injections, we strive to create an environment in which you feel comfortable and cared for. If you have any questions or concerns about treatment plans or services, please schedule a consultation with our team via our website, phone, or email.

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Top 10 areas on the face to treat with Botox:

  1. The forehead to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Between the eyebrows for the “Elevens,” also known as glabellar lines
  3. Along the brow to lift and smooth
  4. Around the eyes to smooth crow’s feet
  5. In the lips to plump and shape or for a Lip Flip
  6. The top of the nose for wrinkles, called bunny lines, caused by flexion in the nasal muscles
  7. The jaw to help with bruxism (teeth grinding) and TMJ
  8. The chin to prevent or correct dimpling, smooth a cleft chin, reduce a double chin, or alter the shape of the jaw
  9. Under the eyes to reduce the appearance of tear trough
  10. The forehead or temples for migraines

Common Botox Injection Sites: What Facial Areas Can Be Treated With Botox
One of our most frequently asked questions is where can I get Botox on my face? Our answer is anywhere that you have a wrinkle! As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, Botox is backed by decades of research and FDA approval. Recent data suggests that between four to five million people undergo a Botox procedure annually, which is a dramatic increase from the early 2000s, with less than 800,000 reported Botox procedures. Botox (neuromodulators) can be used anywhere there is a line or wrinkle! Botox can also be used as a treatment for TMJ, migraine headaches, and muscle pain, particularly pain caused by trigger points. Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport are rising in popularity due to their proven safety, reliability, and minimal recovery time.

Botox for the Forehead
The frontalis muscles, located in the forehead, are a pair of vertical muscles with the primary purpose of raising and lowering the eyebrows. The frontalis muscles contract differently in each person and contraction is affected by a variety of factors including animated facial movements, straining to see screens or when reading, or squinting caused by sun exposure or uncorrected vision. Genetics also factor into the forehead area, playing a role in how wide the area is and how many lines appear. Horizontal lines, caused by the overuse of the frontalis muscle, can result in the appearance of lowered eyebrows, making your eye socket appear smaller and resulting in a fatigued look. Botox injections, typically 12-30 units, help reduce the frontalis muscle lines and smooth the forehead, resulting in a relaxed look.

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Botox for the Elevens
The corrugator muscle is the most common area for those interested in Botox injections. The dreaded “Elevens” are caused by the contraction of the procerus muscle and the corrugator supercilii. This area is most commonly done in conjunction with the frontalis muscle (forehead), as they work together. The corrugator creates vertical lines, causing the eyebrows to move downward, which results in wrinkling under the eye and emphasizes crow’s feet. Botox for the Elevens is typically 8-16 units.

Botox for the Crow’s Feet

The orbicularis oculi muscle, located in concentric bands around the eye, causes crow’s feet both at the side of the eye and underneath. This area encompasses both the nasalis and the water line areas. Each eye may require a different amount of Botox to correct the crow’s feet, but 4-12 units is the recommended amount.

Botox for Bunny Lines

The nasalis muscle is located at the bridge of the nose, and the flexion of this muscle controls the flaring and closing of the nostrils. Overuse of the nasalis causes fine lines and wrinkles along the bridge of the nose, which in turn causes fine lines under the eye, making the eye seem smaller. 1-4 units of Botox, injected on either side of the nose, reduces the appearance of bunny lines.

Botox for the Water Line

The muscle below the bottom lash line can cause crow’s feet and darkening of the area if overused due to squinting. Injecting 1-2 units of Botox into the area releases the muscle and helps the entire eye look open, alert, and young.

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Botox for the Lips
Lip flips are rising in popularity, particularly for those who aren’t looking for the full volume that traditional filler provides. This treatment literally flips the lip upward or downward to create a fuller look and helps reduce the appearance of upper lip radial lines. Lip flips are simple treatments, but are done in the most tender area of your face. After the lip flip, you will need to avoid pursing your lips and sucking motions (straws, cigarettes, popsicles, etc) for 48 hours. Injecting 3-7 units of Botox is the recommended amount and perfect for those who want a fuller lip without traditional dermal fillers.

Botox for Gummy Smiles
Gummy smiles, whether created at birth or the result of trauma to muscles within the face, can be improved with Botox treatments. In the case of trauma, there are three affected muscles: the levator labii and alaeque nasi, and the zygomaticus minor. When all three, or only one, of these muscles contract, they pull the upper lip muscle to expose the full set of teeth as well as the gum line. By injecting 3-6 units of Botox into one or all three, the muscles will relax and lower the gumline, resulting in a beautiful, natural smile.

Chin Botox

The depressor angularis oris (DAO) muscle is located at the end of the end of the lips and extends down toward the chin. When contracted, this muscle puts you into perpetual frown mode. Injecting this small muscle creates a more relaxed, naturally happy appearance, and is perfect for those of us with major cases of RBF! A small amount of Chin Botox – 1-2 units per side – helps your smile and creates a smooth jawline, leading to a more restful, refreshed look.

The mentalis muscle, located in the chin, is another facial workhorse. The mentalis muscle is used each and every time you speak, chew, smile, or frown, and prolonged contraction of this muscle causes the chin to dimple, become uneven, or leads to the appearance of a double chin. If you’ve found yourself noticing a split in the chin muscle (a cleft chin), a tremor in the muscle, or have receding or bulging mentalis muscle, these can be remedied with 2-6 units of Chin Botox.

Botox for TMJ

The masseter muscle is located adjacent to the lower part of the ear and allows up to chew. Injecting the masseter with 1-20 units of Botox creates a slimmer jawline, reduces TMJ, and helps decrease clenching of the teeth, which can cause dental trauma.

Botox for the platysma muscles

The platysma, the broad muscle that runs from your jawline to your clavicle, pulls the jawline down and causes blurring between the bones, leading to the appearance of a double chin or jowls. Think of the Hulk when he flexes – the muscles you see along his neck? Those are the platysma muscles! Injecting 7-14 units of Botox into the platysma per side will improve your smile, jowls and double chin, and slim your jawline.

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Botox Treatment Areas for Cosmetic Enhancement

Botox treatments are not limited to the face and neck, and our knowledgeable staff can create additional treatment plans to address concerns such as hyperhidrosis and muscle pain/stiffness in other areas of the body. We find that most clients need less Botox than they expect, and the units listed above reflect the average suggested for the specific treatment. By injecting the larger muscles first, we can often avoid injecting the smaller muscles, thus saving unnecessary injections and money. At Skincare and Moore, we truly believe that less is more, as we can always add more Botox, but we cannot undo excessive plasticity or laxity of the muscle once it is placed. We highly recommend follow-up appointments about 14 days following the initial injection to ensure that you are satisfied with the results of your treatment.

How does Botox work?
What does Botox do to facial muscles

Botox relaxes the muscle by interfering with the chemicals that cause muscle contraction. The effects of Botox injections usually last 3-8 months, with peak results lasting 3-4. The level of muscle activity has a significant impact on the longevity of the effect of Botox. For example, a lip flip typically lasts three months, because we constantly use the muscle to talk, eat, and smile. On the other hand, using Botox in the neck muscles tends to last longer (5-8 months) because the muscle is used less frequently. Hydration, exercise levels, and metabolism also have an effect on the longevity of Botox.

How to Prepare for botox on your face

Client safety and satisfaction are our top priorities at Skincare and Moore, and we strive to create a comfortable environment for our clients. The partnership created between you and your chosen professional exists to ensure you feel valued, listened to, and comfortable with your treatment. We encourage you to be open to our professional feedback and communicate openly with us throughout all stages of your treatment. As muscles work together, you may need more than one area injected for your desired look, and we will never encourage a treatment that you do not feel financially or physically comfortable with.

Before you arrive for your visit, please remove all makeup and be prepared to have the treatment area photographed. Come hydrated and refrain from drinking alcohol 48 hours prior to your first injection.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Natural-Looking Botox
Less is more with any type of neuromodulator. It is important to remember that Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport can alway have touch ups added, but cannot be removed or adjusted once injected. To ensure you are receiving safe Botox treatments.Follow these simple steps to ensure that you are getting safe, natural looking botox:

Choose the right clinic

  1. Is the person injecting you licensed and experienced?
  2. Are they using an FDA-approved neuromodulator?
  3. Does the injector have the style you are looking for? Just like with artists, each injector will have a certain style and process. For the best experience, find a provider who matches your goals.

Create a Botox Plan

  1. What are your goals?
  2. Can those goals be achieved with just Botox?
  3. Consider your budget
  4. Consider your age and skin condition

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Possible Side Effects of Face Botox

Some individuals experience mild side effects such as bruising and tenderness at or around the injection site, which typically fades within a few days after the treatment. Small bumps at the injection sites are common and usually fade within 20-40 minutes. Migration of the product has been experienced by some individuals, and if you metabolize the product quickly, you may require more frequent touch ups. The overuse of Botox can result in laxity and cause drooping of the muscle. At Skincare & Moore, we understand that each person is unique and we provide you with a thorough consultation prior to providing Botox services.

Botox Aftercare

In order to optimize the results of your Botox treatment, you must create an appropriate healing environment. The treatment area must be kept clean and left alone in order to avoid unnecessary contamination, therefore avoid touching, rubbing, or applying pressure to the treatment site. Keeping the area free of makeup for twenty-four hours after treatment will also ensure the site remains clean. Though there is no downtime associated with most Botox injections, it is best to refrain from exercise and excessive sun exposure following treatment. Botox requires at least twenty-four hours to settle, so in that time it is best to avoid other skin treatments such as massages, scrubs, and dermal fillers. If you find yourself with any questions or concerns in the days following your treatment, contact us immediately.

Do’s and Don’ts after Botox injections:


  • Sleep on your back for the next 48 hours to avoid Botox migration.
  • Leave the injection site alone
  • Stay upright for three hours after the injection
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Call us if you have any concerns about your Botox treatment
  • You may shower and do most other regular daily activities.


  • Do not lie down in the first three hours after a Botox injection
  • No alcohol for 24 hours after the treatment
  • No touching, rubbing or manipulating the injection area for 24 hours after the treatment
  • No straining, heavy lifting, or vigorous exercise for 24 hours. It takes the toxin two hours to bind itself to the nerve which relaxes facial lines. We also do not want to increase circulation to the area or “migrate” the Xeomen/Botox to an undesirable area. Potential migration side effects are most commonly over-relaxation of a muscle, eye drooping, loose mouth, or double vision.
  • Do not sleep on your side or face towards the pillow for 48 hours.
  • Avoid manipulation of injection sites for 24 hours. You will be shown how to care for your injected area. When touching the face, use a soft, gentle touch.
  • No facials, dermabrasions, peels, radio-frequency, light therapy, excessive sun or facial manipulation for 2-3 weeks.
  • Don’t take Advil, Vitamin E, Ginger, Ginkgo, Biloba, Ginseng, and Garlic (supplement) for 2 weeks since this may increase the risk of bruising.

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Looking For A Chin Botox Provider?

Booking a consultation at Skincare and Moore is an excellent first step, as we will be able to sit down one-on-one with you and provide details and guidance for your unique, personal circumstances. Our team has over thirty years of combined professional experience, an extensive knowledge base, and expertise in both the visual and medical components of aesthetics. In addition to beautiful results, our clients receive valuable education on treatment plans and aftercare instructions, and can turn to our dedicated team at any time with questions or concerns.

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